Introducing Dry Creek Valley Grenache


We are excited to welcome Grenache (noir) as the newest member of the Côte West family. While less typical in the US, Grenache is quite common in France (as the largest component of Châteauneuf-du-Pape) and in Spain (where it’s called Garnacha). The grape thrives in climates with hot days and cool nights, and prefers rocky soils that drain well. Fortunately we did not have to look far to find a great vineyard source, as Mounts Vineyard (where we source the Counoise for our rosé) also grows fantastic Grenache. We’re sticking with our strategy so you can expect another Old World style yet undeniably Californian wine. This means we picked the Grenache slightly earlier to ensure nice acidity and we used minimal intervention in the winery. When made well, Grenache showcases great texture with fleshy mouthfeel, red fruit, and spice. The fermentation is already complete and we’re looking forward to bottling it as soon as spring.

Catherine Bishop